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You can learn a little more about our goal and methodology here. If you have any other questions about our approach to language instruction and coaching, please send a message by using the Contact form.

Our Goal

Newcastle Language Systems was founded with the goal of providing high-quality language instruction to learners who are passionate about their goals and education. We accomplish this task by only employing professionally certified educators. Naturally, they have all met our stringent standards by demonstrating the skills necessary to provide effective lessons in second language education.

A Fair Trade Company

As a language learner, you have certainly visited other educational sites. As you know, many of them will offer private lessons for as little as $7 USD per hour. But are those instructors professionals? Do they have degrees in linguistics or education? Do they have real world experience in your field of business? And most importantly, are they being exploited?
Since Newcastle Language Systems only offers professionally qualified educators, we feel it is our duty to pay them what they deserve. In fact, we specifically created this company to fight exploitation in the field of second language education. In this way, we are a FAIR TRADE company. Increased profits through low wages is not our goal. Instead, we firmly believe online education companies should make every effort to compensate professional educators in accordance with their real value.
In regard to our private, one-one one rates, we know they are slightly higher than those of some other companies. But again, we offer the best educators in the world. And we're sure you'll agree that just like the professionals in your field, the best in language education deserve to make a living, too.

Our Methodology? It Depends!

The methodologies of Second Language Education are as diverse as the learners themselves. Among many others, there's task-based learning, the communicative approach, and the structural approach. There are also the proprietary direct methods devised by individual language schools. Each of them has its plusses and minuses, and many educators tend to prefer to use one or another.

Student Needs

However, it's only the great schools and educators who are aware that not every method proves to be effective for every student. We know students learn differently from one another, and a teaching method that works well for Ms. Smith may not for Mr. Jones.
For example, many students enjoy role-play because it allows them the opportunity to use the language in virtual situations. However, others find it uncomfortable. They feel it adds unneeded pressure to respond. For these students, a more effective method to use might be the structural approach. In this method, grammar is taught in a more institutional and orderly fashion.
Furthermore, there are students who prefer to learn the target language from a native speaker of their own language. Because the educator has acquired near-native skills, the students know that the educator possesses special insights to the language. Two such insights are the grammar and psychological differences between the two languages. Moreover, if the educator has been living in a country where the target is spoken, students may feel they could benefit from the experience of their fellow national. The main benefit, of course, is learning how the educator effectively integrated into their adopted society.

A Flexible System

For the above reasons, Newcastle Language Systems offers a wide scope of educators who employ various methods. Moreover, because they are professionals, the educators know when to change a method when it isn't effective for a student. Before selecting an educator, the student should therefore read the educator profiles. We suggest you give particular attention to the section "What to Expect in Class."  Here, the educator will list and explain the methods he or she employs.
Yet, we also know that the student may find the choice difficult. We therefore encourage you to directly contact educators in order to learn more about their methods. Certainly, the administrative staff is here to help, too. So, you can always use the general contact form to ask us which educator may fit your needs.