A New Life through Language

A New Life through Language

What our Students Say...

Thank you for teaching my English last year and this spring. I'm so grateful! You are definitely the best English teacher ever in my life! And you taught me more than just language but courage and passion towards life. I really learned a lot from you and I'm pursuing where my passion is with much less self-doubt and much more straightforward.

-Amy W.


New York

Other language schools hire speakers...

...We hire wisdom.

Take a look through our list of educators. What do you see?

Do you see the faces of kids with more 'likes' than wordly experience,

or are they the faces of knowledge and wisdom?


At Newcastle Language Systems, while we understand that western culture tends to prize youth over experience, we also know that it's not quite the same in the eastern world. Indeed, from the hundreds of lessons we have provided to young Asian students, we have discovered that these intelligent, ambitious men and women – most very new to the working world – are not overly concerned with acquiring the latest slang and textspeak. Instead, they would prefer to learn language, business, and cultural skills from educators who have lived life, been in the business world, and and can therefore offer keen insight into both western psychology and the human condition.


So, whether your employees are based in the U.S, the U.K., Australia, or any other English-speaking nation, or whether they simply need to interact with English-speaking colleagues, managers, and direct reports, our educators are ready to help them not only learn the language but help them culturally integrate them with your staff of native English speakers. Within time, they'll be speaking up in meetings, offering their opinions on projects, and even joining in on social activities. Who knows? At some point, you may even find you can't get a word in edgewise.