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There are a lot of great Business English courses on the Internet. But isn't it better to learn from an educator who actually knows the business world?

Business English Lessons

"Ready or not, English is now the global language of business."

– Harvard Business Review

Communication Between Non-Native and Native Speakers

Language is really nothing but a tool for communication. It's used to get the ideas that are in your head into the head of another person. In fact, studies have shown that while most listeners of any language can decipher the meaning of a message, they can only remember the actual words spoken when the messages are very short. The medium used – words and syntax – is only a set of sounds that convey the message. Thus, when the brain decrypts the message, the words are discarded.
This is why a competent non-native speaker of English (or any language, for that matter) can usually be understood by native speakers. Although the words and syntax that a non-native speaker utter might not constitute perfect English, they are often close enough to the target language for the native speaker to interpret meaning. It is for this reason that millions of intermediate non-native speakers are able to successfully work in English-speaking companies without having to actually improve their skills: the native speakers are able to interpret.

Communication Between Non-Native Speakers

However, as Harvard Business Review states, ready or not (and like it or not), English has become the lingua franca of the business world. As a business person, you understand the need for clear communication, and when neither you nor your client are native English speakers, there is a greater chance for misinterpretation. Perhaps your client doesn't fully understand English conditionals (i.e. if...then statements). Perhaps you never really learned to express sales figures and demographics in English. In such a situation, it's not difficult to imagine a business meeting turning into a disaster.
Here at Newcastle Language Systems, our educators have the experience and background learners need to increase both their language and business skills. In addition to helping learners improve their presentation and negotiation skills in the target language, we specialize in educating them on the psychology and unstated cultural rules of meetings within the context of that language. For example, Asian learners of English generally believe it is rude to speak while another his holding the floor in a business meeting. Yet, the practice is common in Western culture and is simply accepted as part of the free-form exchange of ideas. Through lessons with our educators, learners who were once too uncertain to speak up are soon actively taking part in discussions and offering their solutions to crucial problems.

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So, whether you're an individual looking to advance your career or a Human Resources director who is searching for the best educators to help your non-native speakers, Newcastle Language Systems is here for you. We look forward to helping you succeed.

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